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  • Ask a Security Guard in Las Vegas: Frequently Asked Questions

    What credentials do your security guards and officers have?

    Every unarmed security officer in the state of Nevada must have and maintain an active, unarmed guard card. Obtaining an unarmed guard card requires fingerprinting, local and federal background checks, and a security officer exam. At Green Valley Security, all our officers have an active, unarmed guard card and are registered with the state Attorney General.

    In addition, we require our security officers to successfully complete our guard and patrol training program before being put in the field. This program gives them hands-on training in the latest technology and media tools available, as well as techniques required to be an excellent security officer. Our officers must also undergo continuing education in many areas related to the work they do.

    Why should I hire Green Valley Security?

    As the largest security services company in Nevada, we’ve worked hard to set and maintain the standard by which all security companies are judged. We have over three decades of experience in the security industry and thousands of satisfied customers who are pleased with our work. Our commitment is, and has always been, to protect your property in as effective a manner as is possible. Our officer training, fleet of vehicles, and dispatch services are top quality.

    Are unarmed security guards effective?

    Yes. Even without a firearm, unarmed security guards are a very useful deterrent to crime, including vandalism, vagrancy, and theft of your property. Our security officers are physically fit, as well as trained to communicate effectively with you, your employees, customers, and others, and this ability to communicate is often one of the greatest weapons available. Backed by our around-the-clock dispatch, and utilizing our fleet of over 40 well-maintained, late-model vehicles, our security officers present a strong presence and message that your property is under professional protection. All vehicles include rotating amber light bars and professional markings; though they are not police vehicles, they are just as effective.

    How quickly can you make alarm responses?

    Our fleet is spread over the entire Las Vegas Valley, so there is always a patrol supervisor somewhere in the vicinity of your property. When your alarm company contacts us, we quickly dispatch the closest patrol supervisor to check out your property and find out what needs to be done.

    Can unarmed security officers make arrests?

    Yes. Private citizens in Nevada can make a citizen’s arrest if they observe another person breaking the law. If making such an arrest would put our officer in danger, the officer can choose to inform our Dispatch Control Center or call 911 for immediate help.

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